Our Team

Kai Lindevall, MD, PhD is a docent in pharmacology. He has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, both in large companies and in start-up projects, especially in projects that combine the pharmaceutical industry and technology. Dr. Lindevall is Siltana’s CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Teemu Wilander is an experienced software entrepreneur. The latest companies he leads have focused on leveraging virtual reality and AR / VR technologies in business applications. At Siltana, he is responsible for the product development team as well as operational management.

Sandra Hänninen, Ph.D. is a pharmaceutical regulatory professional with experience in medical device compliance. She has been responsible for the development of regulatory plans, the establishment of a quality management system and the design of clinical trials for CE approval. At Siltana, Sandra focuses on the tasks of the quality manager and the person responsible for regulatory compliance (PRRC), quality and project management, and the creation of brand identity.

Teemu Itkonen is a user interface and experience designer who looks at the world from the user’s perspective. He has experience in brand development and visual design as well as health game projects and project design. At Siltana, Teemu’s tasks include branding, marketing planning, product design (GUI & UX design) and product development coordination.

Aaro Turunen is a 3D modeler and animator. He is a programmer, game designer and technical artist focused on virtual and augmented reality, phone applications and educational games. At Siltana, Aaro’s tasks include the technical implementation of the mobile application for Android & iOS platforms.

Board members and Senior advisors 

Erkki Soini is a health economist focused on analytics, modeling and data – driven value creation, with extensive experience in business start-up and successful management, as well as pharmaceutical industry collaboration. Soini is an internationally awarded content producer in the field of health economics, outcomes research and data mining,  and has worked e.g. as an expert in the Current Care Working Group. At Siltana, he is responsible for data content, information production management, sales and marketing. 

Janne Martikainen is Professor of Pharmaceutical Economics (UEF). He has extensive experience in the pharmacoeconomics, design and implementation of RWD projects and the commercialization of services and products. Martikainen has written numerous international publications in the field of pharmaceuticals and has an extensive stakeholder network. At Siltana, Martikainen is responsible for university cooperation, planning RWD projects and participating in sales and marketing. 

Jan-Petteri Hakoluoto is a professional in software architectures, programming and artificial intelligence. He is an award-winning developer of health games. Hakoluoto has extensive technical know-how and experience in starting and operating technology companies into stable business. At Siltana, Jan-Petteri particularly monitors issues related to application development and information security.