About Us

About Us

Siltana Oy is a startup company founded at the end of 2019. Siltana specializes in electronic service products to support the safer and more efficient evidence-based implementation of drug treatments and their outcomes.


Siltana combines high-quality expertise in medication, data mining and merging, service experience, consumer behavior and pharmaceutical research in the technology, pharmaceutical and health sectors.

OmaLääke TM


Siltana is developing OmaLääkeTM – a mobile application for safe and convenient medication management in everyday life. As a medical device, OmaLääke is being designed to comply with EU regulations and standards. Alongside safety and outcomes, data security and cybersecurity are our top priorities.

Business Strategy

Siltana’s product will help medication users manage their treatments, but the value does not stop there. Omalääke will collect real world data (RWD) namelessly from users. Scientific analysis of this RWD can be utilized by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other research parties to enhance drug adherence and reduce dropout.

Information means influence

                                                                                                      -E. Soini